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Skeptics of America Who Swooned For The USSR

In his book Political Pilgrims (Oxford University Press 1981), Paul Hollander talks about alienated Western intellectuals who visited Communist countries such as the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, and North Vietnam in search of a better society. These intellectuals poured out … Continue reading

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How Israeli Leaders Ignored Warnings And Almost Lost A War

Before talking about Israel’s remarkable behavior, including censoring its own warnings, lets digress to about 30 years earlier: "Zero hour was approaching. Five mechanized divisions of the Wehrmacht were deployed along the River Bug, on the Polish-Soviet frontier, in a … Continue reading

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Britain’s Blindness To The Nazis (or why Hitler called Chamberlain ‘Der Arschloch’)

A. L. Rowse, an Englishman who lived through the events leading up to World War II and after, wrote a slashing book titled “Appeasement: A study in Political Decline” about the political leaders and opinion makers of England and their … Continue reading

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